Welcome to the 2009 edition of Information Works!, the annual report on public education in Rhode Island.


Now in its 12th year, Information Works! consists of three sections:

  • A set of school report cards
  • A set of district report cards
  • The state report card, which includes the Commissioner’s Report

Each school and district report card contains charts, graphs, and tables on student achievement and demographics and information on suspensions, attendance rates, graduation rates, parental involvement, financial data on school spending, and much more.

The state report card contains information for the state as a whole on student achievement on state and national assessments, school climate, attendance and graduation rates, parental involvement, suspensions, student health, teacher qualifications, student demographics and poverty data, financial data on tax capacity and on school spending, and sections on students with disabilities and on English-language learners.

The report also includes tables that show each school’s school-performance classification and tables that compare the performance of the students in each school with the performance of similar students statewide. Use the links on the left-hand menu for quick access to sections of the state report card.

Information Works! 2009 is developed through a partnership between the R.I. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Center for School Improvement and Educational Policy (formerly the National Center on Public Education and Social Policy), at the University of Rhode Island.